Faith in Action

Jesus Lane Children's Meeting designed windows for Winter Wanderland 2022 - illuminating six Quaker testimonies which inform the ways we put our faith into action.

Charitable Giving

Every Sunday after Worship a charitable appeal is made for a wide range of good causes close to the hearts of members of our Meetings.

Climate Justice

We hold vigil in Cambridge last Saturday of every month - see Events for details. Jesus Lane provides free meeting space to Extinction Rebellion.


Jesus Lane is a Sanctuary Meeting providing free meeting space to local refugee support organisations: CamCRAG and CRRC. We also support an asylum seeking family from Turkey.  

Open House

Every Wednesday Jesus Lane Meeting House 10:30-16:00 for free tea and coffee, soup  lunch, friendly chat, friendship and community.

Reducing Waste

Often outside Jesus Lane we place a FREE stall (optional donation) for items no longer needed that might be useful for someone else. 


Jesus Lane has a small courtyard garden with extraordinary wildlife diversity. We had  two nesting bird families in 2023.  

Prison Leavers

Jesus Lane Meeting is a member of The Welcome Directory which empowers faith communities to provide prison leavers with welcome and acceptance.


Quakers recognise that there is 'that of God in everyone', and this leads us to renounce violence and to work actively for peace. Read more


We are an LGBTQ+ affirming faith group. We all have human gifts and friendship to offer and we believe that all can equally access the divine. Read more

Fairtrade & LOAF

Jesus Lane Meeting is proud to be a Fair Trade place of worship. All our food and drink items are fair trade and we also aim to purchase LOAF which stands for Local, Organic, Animal-friendly as well as Fair Trade. 

Ukraine School 

Most Saturdays Jesus Lane Meeting House welcomes a school for Ukrainian refugee children enabling them to socialise with each other and learn in their own language. See their Facebook page

Eco Church

Jesus Lane Meeting is now busy working on achieving our Gold Award by improving the carbon footprint of our building and increasing our awareness of what we can all do to reduce our carbon footprints.